What is a Rehabilitation Centre?

Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitation Centre  offer inpatient drug addiction treatment. This means that an individual will stay at the rehab for 30 or more days and is usually based close to home so that family members can visit. Outpatient rehabilitation is also available, however the length of time can vary and it will often depend on the individual’s circumstances.

The definition of rehabilitation is care that helps you get back, keep, or improve abilities that are important for daily living and work, such as movement, thinking, hearing, seeing, and self-care. It can also help you manage your health conditions and reduce the complications from them. It can be done at a hospital, community rehabilitation service, or in your own home. It may include physical or occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and/or audiologist services.

Choosing the Right Rehabilitation Centre: Your Key to Healing and Wellness

It’s important that people have timely access to high quality rehabilitation to minimize the impact of a range of health problems. It’s a key component of universal health coverage, enabling people to stay as independent as possible in their own homes and communities. It can reduce the need for support from others, and it can be a cost-effective intervention, particularly in comparison with long stays in hospitals. This is why rehabilitation is a core element of the Sustainable Development Goal 3.

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