Velcro Fastener Straps

velcro fastener straps

Velcro fastener straps | TMF Store are the fastest, easiest and most effective way to bundle wires and cords into one cohesive unit. Using this unique, patented technology enables you to create the perfect bundle for your specific needs. Unlike traditional nylon zip ties, VELCRO(r) Brand reusable fasteners are able to handle a variety of applications including:

Snag free straps

Our snag free straps are manufactured from a single component that combines the aforementioned hook and loop tape with a cleverly designed and woven backing material. This combination produces a strap that is snag free and offers the utmost in grip. The best part is that this strap can be used for just about anything from the tail piece to a belt clip to a pedal board.

The Advantages of Using Velcro Fastener Straps for Cable Management

The VELOX(r) strap is the first of its kind and is designed to be the most functional, versatile and easy to use velcro strap in the industry. The VELOX(r) strap uses the latest in high tech, patented loop & hook technology to produce a velcro strap that will outlast your equipment and stand up to wear and tear. This velcro strap is available in numerous colors and sizes to suit any application.

VELOX(r) Straps are made to order and can take up to five working days to produce.

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