The Konica Minolta Accurial C 1400 Massage Chair

The Konica Minolta Accurial C 1400 Massage Chair

In this review we are going to look konica review at the Konica Minolta Accuriopress c 1400, and see how it compares with the other massage chairs on the market at the moment. We will also examine some of the best and worst features. All this good stuff can be found inside of this review, so you don’t need to go searching for the information. Just keep reading for the lowdown on the Minolta Accuriopress c 1400.


The Minolta Accurial C 1400, otherwise known as the K Minolta AccurioPress c 1400, is a revolutionary anti aging skin care technology designed to take care of your tattoos and remove them safely and quickly. This new system from konica minolta includes the top of the range AccuraPress high-rage suspended access equipment systems and a host of innovative medical massage recliners, giving you everything you need to look young, smooth and wrinkle free. The K Minolta Accurial C 1400 comes with two recliners, a hand held massage stool and a total body massage chair with built in music therapy. It also includes a remote control and wall mounted control panel, all of which allows the consumer to get on the go without any problems, thanks to an amazing battery backup.


There is a lot to like and admire about this new Minolta Accurial C 1400 massage chair. For one, the new high-rise of the Accurial C 1400 gives it a fresh and modern look, while also including some classic styling elements. This means that no matter what room you are in, you can be sure to always find something that goes with your home decor. This is just one example of how the company has worked hard to make sure that they have incorporated some great new features into their entire range of products, allowing everyone to experience a relaxing massage chair experience.

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