The Evolution of Online Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have always been a great way to challenge the brain and promote logical reasoning. With the evolution of online gaming, new technologies have made these games even more appealing. From the traditional jigsaw puzzles to the modern Sudoku and crosswords, online puzzle games offer a wide variety of challenges for players. These games have become a valuable tool in education and even in personal development, as they provide a powerful distraction for the mind. Read this:

Digital Dynasty: Rule the Online Gaming World with Authority

Trends come and go in the video game industry, and while big budget AAA developers pander to the hottest graphical arms race, the more humble independent studios continue to focus on making unique gaming experiences. One subgenre that has proved to be a resilient force is the mobile puzzle game, whose genre-defining titles have earned $42 billion in revenue over the past 11 years. Sensor Tower digs into the evolution of this mobile success story, examining the rise of subgenres, exploring revenue trends across countries and highlighting the dynamic nature of the genre.

The ad-supported freemium model introduced by Candy Crush Saga gave birth to the match-3 genre that continues to dominate the mobile puzzle game landscape, with games like Bejeweled and Puzzle & Decorate continuing to drive significant user growth. Meanwhile, the action puzzle segment has been dominated by Angry Birds games but this year saw a healthy increase from the more casual Bubble Shooter, while the hybrid casual genre has seen a strong performance from the likes of Toon Blast.