Sofa Cleaning Services

Your sofa cleaning services is a hub of activity, from kicking back and watching TV with your spouse to curling up with the kids for a nap. But a dirty couch can be more than an eyesore—it can harbor bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. Regular cleanings can reduce these harmful substances and extend the lifespan of your furniture.

How often should sofas be cleaned?

Different fabrics require different cleaning methods, and some stains are surprisingly tough to remove. But professional sofa cleaners use advanced equipment and specialized cleaning solutions to reach deep into the fibres of your upholstery, lifting dirt that would otherwise be missed by traditional cleaning products.

In addition to sofas, this company offers duct, drapery, natural stone tile and grout, carpet, and floor cleaning services. Its cleaning process uses hot water and biodegradable detergent to lift dirt from furniture’s fibres and leave it looking like new. The company also applies a protectant to help make future spills and odors easier to clean.

This company cleans all types of fabric upholstery, from microfiber to suede and everything in between. Its cleaning services include deodorization, spot treatment, and stain removal. Its website states that its technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, so you can feel confident that they’ll take care of your couch.

COIT’s website doesn’t state its primary couch cleaning method, but the company does offer pH-balancing leather cleaning products and conditioner for customers with leather furniture. Its clean-up system also involves agitation to loosen packed-in dirt and grime. The company also provides a satisfaction guarantee and a refund for any customer who isn’t pleased with their results.

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