Orbital Carpet Cleaner

orbital carpet cleaner

Orbital Carpet Cleaner

An orbital floor cleaning machine, also known as an oscillating floor machine, vibrates the pad driver in quarter-inch circles between 2,250 and 3,500 revolutions per minute. This mechanical action allows the machine to clean and scrub hard floors as well as carpets.

Orbital carpet cleaner machines are a great choice for interim cleaning between deep carpet extractions. They produce a superior end result in less time, and carpets stay cleaner longer.

Using an orbital machine for interim cleaning is also labor-saving, Tom Tipton, owner of 4 State Maintenance in Coffeyville, Kansas, says. The machines don’t oversaturate the carpet, and they dry faster than extraction methods, reducing downtime for cleaning staff.

Comparing Orbital Carpet Cleaners: Which Brands and Models Offer the Best Cleaning Results

The Oreck Orbiter is a versatile floor machine that sands, refinishes, strips, scrubs, waxes and polishes a variety of floors. It is as powerful as a professional floor machine, but easier to use.

It has a random orbital drive that provides incredibly easy-to-use fingertip control without torqueing, gouging or swirls. It reaches every corner, right up to the baseboard.

Meteor is a multi-functional biological digester that counteracts odors caused by pet stains and urine, vomit, rotting garbage, blood stains, milk and other organic materials. It traps and drains odor-causing particles, releases enzyme-producing microbes to digest these odor causing compounds, and is safe for all types of carpets and surfaces.

It has a hydrogen peroxide fortified spotter that helps remove stains from coffee, tea, colas, sports drinks, wine and beer. It also helps remove stains from grease and oil.

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