How to Properly Fly a Truck Flag

You rebel flag belt buckle see it several times a day while driving around America: a truck with a large American flag mounted to the back. It’s a common way for many Americans to show their patriotism while also getting some extra utility out of their vehicle. However, it’s important to mount a flag on your truck correctly so that you don’t accidentally dishonor the nation’s symbol.

A truck flag is a golden or bronze-looking sphere at the top of a flagpole. It’s not at the end of every flagpole, but is typically found on larger and more official ones. It’s been referred to as a “truck” because it resembles a type of truck tire and may have originally been a way to distinguish between the different types of flagpoles on the market.

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In the meantime, truck flags have become quite a bit more popular in recent years thanks to their practicality and aesthetic appeal. Some people use them to show their support for their favorite sports team or the American flag while others simply like having it as a reminder of where they came from and what they’re fighting for.

In terms of legality, the US Code SS 7 – Position and manner of display offers guidance for how to properly fly a flag on your truck or car. Some of the most important things to remember are that you should never drape a flag over the front of a vehicle and you should only fly a flag that’s equal in size to the American flag.

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