How Big Is a Netball Court?

how big is a netball court

When playing how big is a netball court, there are certain dimensions that must be adhered to. Whether you’re looking to build your own sports facility or add an element of netball into your existing playground, having a surface that meets the standards will allow players to excel on the court.

Netball is a sport played on a court by two teams of seven players, who compete to shoot a ball through their team’s goal circle while preventing the opposing team from shooting into their own. The game’s rules and dimensions differ in many ways from other popular ball games such as basketball, with a greater emphasis on accurate passing and positioning.

Netball Court Size Explained: A Comprehensive Guide for Players and Fans

The standard size of a netball court is 30m x 15m, with the centre line dividing it into two equal sections for singles and doubles play. The court has a runoff area around the perimeter and the bench zone – where the officials, umpires, and team benches are situated during a match – is separated from the field of play by a transverse line. The goal circles at each end are also separated by a central line from the rest of the court.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing playground or build a new netball court, we offer several different options depending on budget and desired results. If you’re aiming for an enhanced level of comfort for the athletes, our ProCushion Premium system uses shock-absorbent layers of post-consumer recycled rubber to create a more player-friendly surface. The high-quality surfacing is available in an array of colors, and the durable material will be able to resist scuffs and scratches. The non-toxic and environmentally friendly thermoplastic surfacing can be applied to most playground coverings, making it the ideal choice for a netball court.

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