Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Flowers have a strong connection to happiness and well-being. They can relieve stress, boost energy levels, improve memory, and help shake off the morning doldrums. Adding flowers to your home or office can also help you feel grounded and happy.

That Flower Feeling: Self-Care Made Easy

Getting Get Flower Power can be a great self-care practice, especially for those with chronic health conditions or physical limitations. It’s especially effective for the elderly, who may struggle with depression and social withdrawal.

It’s not only that seniors can benefit from the floral scent and colors; they actually perform better on everyday tasks when there are flowers around. Researchers at Rutgers University found that seniors who were given flowers reported decreased depression, increased recent memory, and a boost in overall life satisfaction.

Planting flowers together with your loved one can be an important, and fun, way to get outside and bond over shared activities. It’s an ideal way to reduce stress and anxiety, and can be a great conversation starter.

The Science Behind ‘Get Flower Power’: How It Monitors Your Plants

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